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Women Force NFT - Membership

Pre-sale Mint Open (0.07 ETH + gas fee)

Information about this mint:

- This Women Force membership NFT allows holders access to all our members-only benefits.
- As part of this membership you will receive one of the 7,236 unique and beautiful NFTs from the Amazon Collection.
- 40% of total primary sales donated to protect Amazon Rainforest.
- All holders will receive an exclusive new high resolution art as a gift.
- 30% discount on the public sales price (0.1 ETH + gas fee).

Read more about all instant benefits here and visit our benefits shop here.

Choose one of the options below (buy with wallet or one of the credit card options). If you choose the credit card option you don’t need to set-up a wallet.

Buy 1 NFT with your credit card:

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